About IJRPR:

The IJRPR International Journal of Research Publication and Reviews is an international peer reviewed, open access, low cost journal. IJRPR’s goal is to provide an online platform promoting excellence and progress in various fields like science, engineering, technology, business, and more. Published monthly, IJRPR puts out 12 issues per year. There mission is advancing research by developing and upholding competence, ethics, integrity, and the highest professional standards in our specialty for public benefit. The Faculty aims, through its efforts, to improve public research.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What does mean of IJRPR?

IJRPR stands for International Journal of Research Publication and Reviews.

What is the ISSN of IJRPR?

The ISSN of IJRPR is 2582-7421.

What is the impact factor of IJRPR?

According to ifindex.com, the impact factor of IJRPR is n/a.

What is the publication frequency of IJRPR?

The publication frequency of IJRPR is Monthly.