IFindex - Impact Factor Evaluation of Journals

Providing rankings of academic journals through quantitative analysis and qualitative evaluation of prestige, originality, merit, and excellence.

Benefits of IFindex

Peer review

IFindex evaluates a journal's peer review process, judging the quality, thoroughness, and selectivity of the referee system. It looks at how rigorous the reviews are for manuscript submissions. More rigorous, in-depth peer review correlates with higher quality standards for the journal.


We check the quality of a journal from many angles. We look at the quality of the content - how good is it? What language is used in it? We look at the experience of the editorial board members and their review process. We check all these parameters to evaluate the overall quality of a journal.

Scientific merit

We assess each journal on various parameters before providing an impact factor. We look at number of papers published, paper quality, subject expertise, and which famous databases index it. After judging factors like papers published, content quality, domain authority, and indexing, we assign an impact factor.


After evaluating all journals' impact factors, we provide them with certification listing their score. This impact factor certificate gives your journal strong credibility and recognition globally. The score helps establish your journal's reputation at international level.