1. How are your journal rankings determined?

Our journal rankings are based on a variety of quantitative and qualitative factors. These include metrics like impact factor, citation counts, altmetrics, acceptance rate, expert surveys, editorial quality, peer review rigor, and more. We synthesize multiple data points to determine overall rankings.

2. Can I submit my journal for evaluation?

Yes, publishers and editors can submit their journals to be evaluated and potentially ranked on our site. Simply visit our Journal Submission page to begin the process.

3. Is your journal ranking data open access?

Much of the journal data we compile, like impact factors and altimetric scores, are open and accessible. However, our proprietary ranking algorithm and weighting system are proprietary. We provide journal profiles and ranking positions as a free resource to the community.

4. How often do you update journal rankings?

We aim to refresh our journal rankings on an annual basis to incorporate the latest metrics and research. However, significant changes may prompt more frequent updates. New journals are added on a rolling basis as they are evaluated.

5. Can I reuse or republish your journal ratings?

Our journal ranking data may be cited, but we do not allow full reproduction or republication of our rankings without permission. Please contact us about licensing or partnerships if you wish to reuse more substantial portions of our data.

6. Is your journal evaluation process transparent?

Absolutely. We are committed to transparency about our journal ratings methodology. We publish details on our ranking factors, data sources, and evaluation procedures on our website so readers can understand how rankings are calculated.

7. How can I get my journal profile corrected or updated?

If any of the information on your journal’s profile page appears incorrect or needs updating, simply contact us at info@ifindex.com. We regularly review and update our journal profiles.

8. Do you evaluate journals from all academic disciplines?

Currently, we provide rankings and evaluations for journals in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. We aim to expand into all major academic disciplines. Publishers can nominate their journals if they do not see their field represented.

Please contact us if you have any other questions!