IFindex ranks and reviews academic journals across all research areas. Our goal is to help researchers, writers, institutions, and publishers better grasp the quality and impact of scholarly publications.

Our Mission

We aim to encourage excellent academic publishing. We evaluate journals using number metrics and expert input. Our rankings and journal profiles show the prestige, influence, and reputation of journals.

By comparing journals, we assist the research community in making informed choices on publishing, collaborating, reading, and evaluating research impact. We also give publishers insights to improve their journals. Ultimately, we spotlight influential work to advance scientific discovery.

Our Approach

We examine journals from multiple angles, combining stats with researcher viewpoints.

The number of factors we analyze include:

  • Journal Impact Factor
  • Citation counts
  • Article metrics like downloads and social media
  • Publisher reputation and history
  • Journal databases

The expert opinion we gather includes:

  • Surveys of academics on journal quality
  • Rigor and transparency of peer review
  • Diversity and expertise of editorial boards
  • Perspectives of top scholars and editors
  • Acceptance rates

Our Team

We have experts in the field of research and publishing. We know the importance of journal publications. We do our best to provide an effective ranking system with impact factors for all types of journals.